Get Away Trip with Gayla

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Family, Marriage, Stories, Writing

In the past four July-s, Gayla and I have seen three of our children marry wonderful spouses — our daughter, Kendal, married Colin in 2010; our son, Travis, married Rebekah last year; and last month, our daughter, Melissa, married Cameron. No matter how you tally the score, that’s three weddings in four years. Frankly, we feel come consolation in knowing that we have launched all our of our children into adulthood and into married life successfully.


With Melissa and Cameron’s wedding on July 27 and an impending international mission trip in late August, I wanted to take Gayla on a trip of our own. We had previously planned to visit Gayla’s stepbrother and his wife this summer, but with wedding preparations becoming the main priority for the summer, those plans had to wait. Since Wes and Marion live in St. Louis, I eyed a weekend in June when the Texas Rangers would play at Busch Stadium against the Cardinals. My bucket list includes visiting all the major league ballparks, so having my favorite team play in St. Louis would have been icing on the cake. However, my cake icing this year would be on a wedding cake!

However, last week Gayla and I did get to make a trip to St. Louis. We had a great time visiting the city. We took the obligatory ride to the top of the Arch and viewed the city from 630 feet. Getting into that little egg-shaped contraption just about brought me to my claustrophobic knees, buy I managed to make the descending trip as well (as if I had any choice). We visited the Missouri Botanical Garden and Forest Park. We shopped in an eclectic place filled with all kinds of furnishings and stuff that must have come from a variety of estate sales in the city. We tried interesting foods, including a Persian cafe and a Vietnamese restaurant. On our return trip, we stayed a night in Memphis and dined at one of Elvis’s favorite diners.

All in all, we had a great time visiting with family and enjoying a lot of “couple time.” By the way, we made back to our home town in time to attend the wedding of some church family members. It seemed appropriate, since the family also had ties to St. Louis. By the way, the game we watched involved the Dodgers defeating the Cardinals. But I didn’t really care who won!

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