God Knows Where You Are Even If No One Does

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Church, Discipleship, Evangelism, Pastor, Pastoral Ministry, Stories
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Back in 1984, Joseph Schexnider’s trouble began when he stole a car. However, Schexnider compounded his problems by missing his scheduled court appearance. When the police showed up at his home to arrest him, that’s when Schexnider decided to disappear. He did a good job. He disappeared for 27 years. During that time nobody, not his mother, nor his family knew where he had gone.

But now Joseph Schexnider has been found, sort of.

As best as anyone can figure out, Schexnider decided to finance his disappearance by robbing an Abbeville bank. At least that appears to be his intent. A few months ago workers on the building found his body in the bank’s unused chimney. Apparently, Schexnider started to slide down the chimney and only made it part way – getting permanently stuck.

His mother never reported him missing because she knew the police were after her boy. The family never reported him missing because he had a habit of leaving town without telling them where he was going, or how long he would be gone. Authorities surmise that 27 years ago Schexnider, stuck in a bank’s chimney, died of dehydration. Knowing that nobody knew where he was, that nobody was looking for him, it had to be a long, a lonely way to die.

Of course, there was one Person who knew where Schexnider was. I wonder if during those long hours, were his thoughts ever turned to the Lord? Did he ask for help? Did he pray for forgiveness? Did he receive comfort from the knowledge the Savior wanted to be with him? The Lord alone knows the answers to those questions.

Now I doubt that any of us have ever felt as alone as Joseph Schexnider did. Even so, almost all of us have times when we feel alone. Most of us have experienced days, weeks and months when we felt nobody cared about us, nobody was looking for us, nobody would notice if we just disappeared.

If you have ever experienced these feelings, I hope you know there is no place where you can go that is too hidden for the Lord not to know where you are. Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the LORD (Jeremiah 23:24). Even more, the Lord who knows also cares. He who gave His Son to bear your sin and save your soul from eternal damnation always cares.

There is comfort in that knowledge we have a Lord and Savior who will always care – no matter where we are, or in what situation we get stuck.

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