Doctrine of Creation, Praying, and Value of a Church Family

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Bible, Church, Discipleship, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Uncategorized

Two weeks into the Foundations series, we have covered two significant doctrines. First, we addressed “revelation” – specifically, the inspiration of the Scriptures. Last Sunday, we considered the doctrine of God – that He has revealed Himself as the Trinity. We’ll continue through this doctrinal series for the next several weeks. I hope that you have discovered that doctrinal preaching is far from boring or only for Bible geeks, but is extremely relevant to our lives. God’s Word, in every way, helps us live for God and in His service.

The next doctrine in this series will take us back to the beginning as we consider what the Bible says about creation. To give you an idea as to where we will head over the next couple of weeks, we will consider the doctrines of man and the fall of man.

Whether you have attended this church for years or if you only began attending, you can see that we have a high view of the Bible. Through the Word, we can know the will of God and how to live. That’s why we encourage you to bring your Bible with you and use it in the services and in Life Group. We also encourage you to take some notes so that you can remember what you hear and so that you can share what you have learned with someone else.

On Thursday evening, many of you gathered at the Hub to begin a dedicated time of praying and fasting for David Holbrook. What a moving experience! I marvel at David’s faith and that of his family and that of his church family. He continues looks upward and outward through his illness. David told me last week that he counts it a privilege for God to be exalted through this illness and sees the strengthening in this church body.

Your prayers of faith, your words of encouragement, and your actions of ministry will lift the Holbrooks during this time. We join together as a church family to care for them and to sustain them – just a family should. Last week in one of our Growth Groups, Alana (David’s wife) expressed how blessed they were to have joined this church family because they had received so much than they could ever imagine.

Becoming a part of a church family is biblical. We’ll cover the doctrine of the church later in the Foundations series, but let me urge you to consider formalizing your relationship with our church family if you’ve not already done so. Here’s what you need to know about membership:

  1. We are a body of Christ-followers. That means that individually we have admitted our need for a Savior and have asked Jesus to help us turn from our sin. Furthermore, we have trusted Him to rescue us from our sin and to forgive us. We live in recognition that Jesus is the Lord of our lives.
  2. We are a body of baptized believers. The Bible teaches that when an individual has become a Christ-follower that person should follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. If you have been baptized (immersed) following your conversion to Christ, you may join our church family. If you have not been baptized and have trusted Christ for your salvation, we can arrange for your baptism.

We look forward to celebrating with you and incorporating you into the life of our family.

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