Re-entering the blogging world

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Blogging, Pastor, Writing

Today I’m re-entering the blogging world. A few years ago, I experimented a bit with the concept but never really seriously made much headway with it. However, recently I started using Twitter and Facebook more to connect more with a wider audience.

I have several reasons for re-entering the world of blogging. My primary reason: to add another forum and audience who I might engage with the good news. My passion for sharing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ drives me. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who do not have a saving relationship with Christ. Perhaps by reading something I have written, they might move closer to Christ. At least I’m praying to that end even as I write.

I also enjoy writing. (My high school English teachers would find that shocking!) Over the years of my pastoral ministry, I have written thousands of sermons and hundreds of newsletter articles. For the past several years, I have written a “five-day-a-week e-devotional” which many people read and forward to others. I have written Sunday School lessons occasionally for LifeWay. (My next set of lessons will appear in January 2012 in the Leader Guide for LifeLessons: Bible Studies for Life. I also have a couple of book ideas in mind and have begun working on one of them with a couple of chapters completed in rough form.

Some might question whether or not I have time to add another thing to my plate. However, I see this as an extension of my responsibilities as a pastor but more importantly as a Christ-follower. I look forward to hearing how God uses this blog to further you along in your walk and how He might draw others to faith in Him.

  1. Dave Brown says:

    PLEASE finish your book. I would LOVE to read it. God has given you the gift of writing. Your devotionals are great, looking forward to the blog.

    Dave Brown

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